27 10 2008

It’s rather maddening. I’m sitting watching Lou Dobbs discuss the presidential campaign and his guests, which come from both sides of the aisle, are  just sitting and laughing as they talk about all the things the McCain campaign has brought out about Obama, and how none seem to stick. Obama’s advocate  doesn’t even dispute any of it. Dobbs finds some humor in Obama being called a “redistributor” now.


Sure, there is some bafflement about how come it took so long to dig out some of these things, and how Obama has more than his fair share of having his “coat-tail” hanging out on things. But the funny part is how nobody seems to care.


Obama does have more than his share of baggage. He lacks a real record, with no record of achievement at all. In fact, one of the very few bills he’s put out since he has been in the senate has been criticized by his own party. Nobody seems to care. He’s far far left of the mainstream on most every issue. Nobody seems to care. He has many many questionable associations. Nobody cares. That he is a socialist isn’t even questioned. Nobody cares. That his positions on the issues change almost daily…nobody questions at all.


In two years he’s earned the reputation as THE most liberal Senator. Not number two. Not number eight. Number 1. Nobody notices.


Barack Obama IS a socialist, and was mentored by a communist Frank Marshall Davis. He’s been involved with other socialist groups, walking the walk and talking the talk. When you talk to his supporters about these issues of concern, redistribution of wealth for instance, you will get some story about Joe the plumber not really being a plumber and how plumbers don’t make $250,000 a year… but they don’t answer the first thing about redistribution of wealth, what it means, and its effect. Obama gets a pass.


Obama says one thing, then his supporters say another, and when you question the difference between the two you get some abstract hope and promises answer about how your questioning of it all is actually racist and McCain has seven houses and Obama cares more than the others and kids sing and birds chirp and… you still don’t get a real answer. But nobody seems to mind.


Obama has been involved with a lot of what lead to our current economic conditions, working on ground level with groups that advocated the policies that directly lead to the situation. He lawyered on there behalf, and trained them. In two short years in the Senate he became a darling, earning the number two spot in receiving donations from those that brought us to this. He tells you that it’s the policies of “the last eight years” that got us into this mess, which is a bald faced lie. We buy it.


Obama, the democrat, says he’s gonna give you a tax cut. Schumer, the democrat, says don’t hold your breath… the term is four years so keep “hope” alive. Obama, the democrat, says he’s gonna go after Osama bin Laden, and steer our military onto the path that it needs to be. Barney Frank, the democrat, says he wants the military cut by 25%. Never mind we are dealing with some of the most threatening times and threatening regimes in a long long time. Swish…, right on by without a word…


Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden, tells a closed door meeting that the world faces a threat from Obama being tested by some of these enemies that seek to do us harm. The response? Disbelief that Biden would have said such a silly thing, and how Biden has a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time… Never mind that it’s most probably true. That part nobody seems to care about.


It’s all so frustrating.


In all fairness, some people do care, and care quite a bit… but is it enough. Hopefully, for the rest, they won’t ever have to care.






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27 10 2008
Maddening… « Big Al’S Dismal Swamp

[…] Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden , tells a closed door meeting that the world faces a threat from Obama being tested by some of these enemies that seek to do us harm. The response? Disbelief that Biden would have said such a silly thing, …[Continue Reading] […]

27 10 2008
green bean salesman

This is an excellent post by “The Great One” Mark Levin at NRO’s The Corner:

I’ve been thinking this for a while so I might as well air it here. I honestly never thought we’d see such a thing in our country – not yet anyway – but I sense what’s occurring in this election is a recklessness and abandonment of rationality that has preceded the voluntary surrender of liberty and security in other places. I can’t help but observe that even some conservatives are caught in the moment as their attempts at explaining their support for Barack Obama are unpersuasive and even illogical. And the pull appears to be rather strong. Ken Adelman, Doug Kmiec, and others, reach for the usual platitudes in explaining themselves but are utterly incoherent. Even non-conservatives with significant public policy and real world experiences, such as Colin Powell and Charles Fried, find Obama alluring but can’t explain themselves in an intelligent way.

There is a cult-like atmosphere around Barack Obama, which his campaign has carefully and successfully fabricated, which concerns me. The messiah complex. Fainting audience members at rallies. Special Obama flags and an Obama presidential seal. A graphic with the portrayal of the globe and Obama’s name on it, which adorns everything from Obama’s plane to his street literature. Young school children singing songs praising Obama. Teenagers wearing camouflage outfits and marching in military order chanting Obama’s name and the professions he is going to open to them. An Obama world tour, culminating in a speech in Berlin where Obama proclaims we are all citizens of the world. I dare say, this is ominous stuff.

Even the media are drawn to the allure that is Obama. Yes, the media are liberal. Even so, it is obvious that this election is different. The media are open and brazen in their attempts to influence the outcome of this election. I’ve never seen anything like it. Virtually all evidence of Obama’s past influences and radicalism — from Jeremiah Wright to William Ayers — have been raised by non-traditional news sources. The media’s role has been to ignore it as long as possible, then mention it if they must, and finally dismiss it and those who raise it in the first place. It’s as if the media use the Obama campaign’s talking points — its preposterous assertions that Obama didn’t hear Wright from the pulpit railing about black liberation, whites, Jews, etc., that Obama had no idea Ayers was a domestic terrorist despite their close political, social, and working relationship, etc. — to protect Obama from legitimate and routine scrutiny. And because journalists have also become commentators, it is hard to miss their almost uniform admiration for Obama and excitement about an Obama presidency. So in the tank are the media for Obama that for months we’ve read news stories and opinion pieces insisting that if Obama is not elected president it will be due to white racism. And, of course, while experience is crucial in assessing Sarah Palin’s qualifications for vice president, no such standard is applied to Obama’s qualifications for president. (No longer is it acceptable to minimize the work of a community organizer.) Charles Gibson and Katie Couric sought to humiliate Palin. They would never and have never tried such an approach with Obama.

But beyond the elites and the media, my greatest concern is whether this election will show a majority of the voters susceptible to the appeal of a charismatic demagogue. This may seem a harsh term to some, and no doubt will to Obama supporters, but it is a perfectly appropriate characterization. Obama’s entire campaign is built on class warfare and human envy. The “change” he peddles is not new. We’ve seen it before. It is change that diminishes individual liberty for the soft authoritarianism of socialism. It is a populist appeal that disguises government mandated wealth redistribution as tax cuts for the middle class, falsely blames capitalism for the social policies and government corruption (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) that led to the current turmoil in our financial markets, fuels contempt for commerce and trade by stigmatizing those who run successful small and large businesses, and exploits human imperfection as a justification for a massive expansion of centralized government. Obama’s appeal to the middle class is an appeal to the “the proletariat,” as an infamous philosopher once described it, about which a mythology has been created. Rather than pursue the American Dream, he insists that the American Dream has arbitrary limits, limits Obama would set for the rest of us — today it’s $250,000 for businesses and even less for individuals. If the individual dares to succeed beyond the limits set by Obama, he is punished for he’s now officially “rich.” The value of his physical and intellectual labor must be confiscated in greater amounts for the good of the proletariat (the middle class). And so it is that the middle class, the birth-child of capitalism, is both celebrated and enslaved — for its own good and the greater good. The “hope” Obama represents, therefore, is not hope at all. It is the misery of his utopianism imposed on the individual.

Unlike past Democrat presidential candidates, Obama is a hardened ideologue. He’s not interested in playing around the edges. He seeks “fundamental change,” i.e., to remake society. And if the Democrats control Congress with super-majorities led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, he will get much of what he demands.

The question is whether enough Americans understand what’s at stake in this election and, if they do, whether they care. Is the allure of a charismatic demagogue so strong that the usually sober American people are willing to risk an Obama presidency? After all, it ensnared Adelman, Kmiec, Powell, Fried, and numerous others. And while America will certainly survive, it will do so, in many respects, as a different place.

27 10 2008
ann brown

This election is making me ill. I am scared for the first time in my life. I was a child in the 40’s but I still remember the headlines about Hitler. Obama makes me think of Hitler, only now it’s my countrymen who are praising the new Hitler. God have mercy on us true Americans.

28 10 2008

a very good post, unfortunately I think that we are going to find out more than we want to know after he is elected.

8 11 2008
Plunger Girl

I wish I’d found your blog weeks ago. Excellent post.

Some of us have been listening and caring about the things you mentioned. Unfortunately, we’re the ones who make up the 48%. We’re the ones they’re calling the uneducated voters. We’re the racists and rednecks. We’re the ones who are bitter and angry and continue to spew hatred.

I’m just so glad the 52% could teach me so much about myself and yet completely ignore the truth about their messiah. Apparently pretty words undo and conceal all evils.

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