Colin Powell

19 10 2008

One wonders sometimes about the motivations of what people sometimes do. Is generational “change” more important than, say, freedom? We’ve fought for a number of years, spilled the blood of our youth, spent vast sums of our national treasure, to prevent what we are about to allow to happen to our country. We thought that we had won that fight. We dropped our guard for just a few, relatively short years… and all that we fought to preserve we now seem to choose to give away.

Has it really been so long that we forgot what it is that it was which we fought against? Does this “new” generation even remember that cold war? And what of the men who fought it? Where did that Colin Powell go, that fine General who fought for and served this country so well, now to seemingly care more for “appearances” and “the future” above what this country was founded for, it’s history,  and what it has meant and given to the world? My heart aches for my country. We’ve so much to lose, and it can so quickly be gone… They say you never know what you’ve got till its gone, and for so many here, that is a truth that will surly haunt them.





2 responses

21 10 2008

I agree with you. When they start seeing our country going down the drain then and only then will they admit they were wrong for electing Obama in office. I don’t expect Obama to make it a year in office though. That target on his back is really big you know….

27 10 2008

I suspect Colin Powell waited it out long enough to pick out a winner, thus ensuring a job for himself in the next cabinet. With the bruise of unemployment still smarting, Mr Powell is establishing job security as he sees fit. As for my humble opinion, this is still one of the Bushies and an advocate for the War in Iraq. Looks like he just quit when the going got rough.

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