10 10 2008



The number one problem in Washington seems to be Washington itself. The place gives every appearance of being full of babbling idiots. When congress is in session one could almost say that the circus is in town… but it’s sometimes seems the circus never ends.

Lets take a look at the candidates that say they want to “change” that.

Obama – He’s jumped heart and soul into the Washington mindset. Smart and knows how to play the game to get what he wants. A master at telling people what they want to hear and making promises that he has no intention to keep. Fluent at doublespeak, talking out of both sides of his mouth, but tends to let his mouth outrun his mind and can’t keep up with the tales he’s told to the different groups he talks to which leads to charges of flip flopping on issues. Can make a long speech which tells you nothing at all and have you believing every word of it. Has no real position on anything except a desire to win. Never really accomplished much according to his running mate. Stands by a record that doesn’t exist.

Biden – doesn’t live there, but “lives” it none the less. Prototypical Senator. Insider. No longer a regular Joe, but plays one quite well. Nice guy with good intentions for the most part, but can speak his mind which can get him in deep with different groups and his own party. Has to back track and clarify his remarks often. Excels at telling you good solid facts about stuff that doesn’t exist or didn’t really happen.


McCain – an insider/outsider who stays on the outs with his on party for not playing follow the leader, yet can’t quite be embraced by the other side because he keeps on kicking and nicking their policies and priorities. He’s like the smart but goofy kid that everyone kinda likes, but won’t let him be part of the crowd. This year he’s accused of being Bush made over, but four years ago he came close to being asked to run as the democrats (Kerry’s) VP candidate. Go figure.

Palin – The anti-Washington outsider in all respects. She’s not accepted as a member of the club, for she’s too middle America. Walks to the drumbeat that most of us walk to – reality. Speaks plain English, which goes over the head of most in Washington and the media. Knows more about how things SHOULD work than most anybody in Washington, but doesn’t know how to ride the system… which is, after all, the change everyone keeps hoping for out of Washington. Has far more executive experience than any other candidate, but is accused of lacking executive experience. Closer to the “regular” people than any other candidate, and perhaps understands the real needs and desires of the public instead of the traditional politician who just seems to want to tell the public what its needs and desires are.

I don’t know what the future holds with this coming election. But I know, from the direction it appears to be going, it ain’t gonna be getting any better. The public blindly follows a pied piper of a press the seemingly hasn’t got a clue itself of where the people it seems to promote seem to want to take us. And what’s so scary about that is that the warning signs are everywhere, but they refuse to be read.

There is danger ahead. We were warned about the mess we are in right now, and we refused to heed that warning. Just what are we about to get ourselves into? Well, at least we were warned. The question is – did you hear it?






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10 10 2008

I heard it LOUD and CLEAR….

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