Well, we were warned…

6 10 2008

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – It really is the economy, stupid! Economic models that have correctly predicted the winner of almost all post-war U.S. presidential elections say recession fears will secure a victory for Barack Obama in November….


*”I think there is little doubt how the November elections will turn out,” said [Joseph] Stiglitz, a former vice president of the World Bank and adviser to ex-US president Bill Clinton. “We are in the midst of the worst crisis of the last century, and until we’ve reached the bottom we cannot climb back up,” he said.



Bush is President and he’s a republican… so he get’s the blame for the economic mess we find ourselves in. Truth is, that’s far from the case. In fact, it should be noted that many of the problems we face today actually stem from back during Clinton’s presidency, when Mr. Stiglitz was an advisor to Clinton. Mr. Bush has been warning us since 2001 that this was coming. His warnings fell on deft ears, yet we still put the blame on him.


Truly baffling, as it’s the high cost of energy that put the economy on the ropes in the first place and the democrats (and Obama) who refused any help. And it’s the democrats that are at the very root of the rest of the sad sad economic story.

The democrats want to blame the current economic crises in Banking and on Wall Street on President Bush, and tell us that it’s the republicans policies and plans that caused all of this mess. That’s false, this isn’t due to any policy of George Bush or the republicans, but do to the DEMOCRATS policy of trying to give people something for nothing. It was the Democrats that blocked regulation and supervision. It was the democrats that came up with a lunatic plan to give people that couldn’t pay a note, that note in the first place, as if they were doing them a favor. A favor that only put them deep into debt, and possibly out on the street in the end. It was the democrats that did that, not Bush. Not the republicans.

The democrats want to place the blame on the “free market” and place restrictions upon it. But it was no “free market” that caused this collapse. The democrats forced a government “program” upon a free market and that “socialist” policy lead to this downfall -DIRECTLY. This is 100% on the democrats. If the government hadn’t mandated this stuff in the beginning this WOULD HAVE NEVER COME TO PASS.

Obama has stood several times upon a stage and announced that he intends to do nothing about the high cost of Oil. But they don’t report that, or when they do they obscure the meaning of what he said. The only problem Obama has with that high cost is that it went up faster than “he wanted” it to. They (Obama and the dems) want to use the high cost of gas and oil as a tool to somehow help the environment. To them the high cost is a GOOD THING. It doesn’t matter the fortune that it will cost some to heat their homes this winter. It is meaningless to them that people will have to struggle just to get to their jobs, much less put ever more expensive food on the table. They don’t care that it will cost thousand their jobs. It already has! It just makes us more dependant on the government, and that’s what it’s really all about anyway.

And they think that the crises in the market is a golden opportunity to further regulate and control wealth and restructure and control the marketplace. They see opportunity for more activism and socialism in how America functions. But we’ve seen the results of socialism in the world. How helpful is it really to reduce a peoples standard of living? How helpful is it to the environment to create more poverty and have people across the world, and right here in America, starve?

People, they want you to believe Bush is behind all of this, but look around you. The democrats tell you to your face that they will to do nothing for you. Nothing but take. Beware, anytime they mention ‘socialize’, or ‘nationalize’ anything, they are taking away something of yours. It’s called socialism. Name something that the government does that it does better than the people and private enterprise.

Socialism couldn’t defeat us from the outside. But it seems to be growing strong from within. What’s the difference between socialism and communism? – The spelling.

Two years ago we voted for change in Washington and change we got. Two years ago the economy was doing quite well. Employment was at record levels. Gas was just a bit over $2 per gallon. Home prices were still on the rise. Interest rates were low. The Dow was soaring at over 12,500. Our big concern was the war in Iraq. Then we put the democrats in control of the purse strings…

*copied and pasted from somewhere…out there…can’t remember where…





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