Just a couple of questions…

1 10 2008

When did Saturday Night Live become so relevent to America the clips would be featured on ABC, NBC, and CBS news programs? Tina Fey does do a good impression of Sarah Palin, but is the simularity so good that her parody is newsworthy? That comedy skits are now news? Has make-believe now become our reality?

Why do the East Coast / West Coast elites feel that the rest of America isn’t important? Why can’t Joe America have an idea worth anything? Wasn’t this country made great do to common people rising to great accomplishments? What happened to Mr. Smith going to Washington? Is elitism so entrenched in the mind of the media that an outsider is dismissed out of hand? What about Harry Truman? 

Can somebody list me five great accomplishments of Barach Obama? Okay, I’ll settle for three… but make them real, not just coattail stuff.





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