Watching the game…

27 09 2008

Anybody watch the game? No, I’m not talking about Old Miss embarrassing Florida, Oregon beating up USC, or LSU vs State… the game I’m referring to is “the debate”. McCain vs Obama.


I watched it. I came oh so close not to. I knew going in how it was gonna go, and how it was going to be spun afterward…and I was right.


First let me say that I think McCain did very much the right thing by putting emphasis on the negotiations in Washington over a political show. That’s what a debate is, a “show”. And whatever McCain’s motives, be it really doing the work of his elected office or just showing that he cares, he scored big in my book. Obama came off as caring more about Obama than the country. It was “me” over “we”, so it seemed. “Call me.”


After it was over I started checking the polls, and they were telling in their own right. CNN (who the Obama camp had instructed it’s supporters to watch the debate on) had Obama up, somewhere around 70 – 30… I would have expected CNN’s audience to be more of an Obama crowd anyway. FOX, of course, is supposedly more conservative so their poll went in the opposite direction. Greta Van Susteren’s ‘GretaWire’ poll seemed to be breaking big for McCain, too. Drudge poll (which I think is a pretty good cross-section of the people – my opinion) had McCain 68% to Obama’s 30% with 3% couldn’t tell. And this is out of over four hundred thousand votes. Main Stream Pundits had it all Obama however… I had it McCain.


On the economy there was the expected blame to be tossed around. Wall Street caught the brunt of it. Was that fair? One thing that should be noted however is that those bad loans were REQUIRED to be made by our fine friends in Washington. Most knew it was a bad deal going in, but when that opinion was voiced it was answered with cries of racism and not looking out for the little guy. Many democrats openly bragged about this program of giving loans to people who could not afford them. The only thing that kept this scheme going for as long as it did was that home values were going up, and when they couldn’t make the payments ready buyers (other suckers) were found. Once that turned around down it all came.


What separated the good from the bad as far as the banks go is with the fact that many of the banks that made these bad loans didn’t hold the paper but sold them off to other banks and holding companies that sought to profit on the turnover. No turnover, no profit. No profit, no bank.


The heartbreak of today is with the people that trusted their money out there in the marketplace that had no control over where it was actually invested. They were blindsided, and they stand to lose their retirement or other future income due to others having their money invested in this pyramid.


On the honesty and integrity factor in the debate I though McCain scored big there too. Other’s seem to agree. McCain called Obama’s hand on several things then more or less KOed him with the Kissinger thing. From Gateway Pundit:

McCain Stuns Obama– Catches Him Lying About Kissinger (Video) …Update: Kissinger Slams Obama!

**McCAIN STUNS OBAMA AT OLE MISS**Obama was caught red-handed in a bald-faced lie about Henry Kissinger. 




Henry Kissinger believes Barack Obama misstated his views on diplomacy with US adversaries and is not happy about being mischaracterized. He says: “Senator McCain is right. I would not recommend the next President of the United States engage in talks with Iran at the Presidential level. My views on this issue are entirely compatible with the views of my friend Senator John McCain. We do not agree on everything, but we do agree that any negotiations with Iran must be geared to reality.”


And on the issues (this debate was supposed to be mainly on foreign affairs) we find from the Atlas shrugs website:

‘He utterlly destroyed  Obama over the “let’s talk to Iran” issue, and when he rattled off the names of the Georgian and Ukranian leaders (who are McCain’s personal friends), Obama had nothing to say. And why hasn’t Obama gone to Afghanistan?

My problem with McCain is he never goes for jugular. He could have wiped the floor with Obama on the surge and he didn’t.

The Democrats caused the financial crisis and McCain warned about it. Obama took big money, dirty money from Fannie Mae. Why didn’t he bring up the massive vote fraud at ACORN who is part of Obama’s dirty coterie. Or that ACORN is slated to get 20% of the financial bailout? If McCain doesn’t bring it up and explain that, the folks ain’t never going to know.’

From the Breath of the Beast website on an article by Judith Apter Klinghoffe:

‘Obama is obviously not secure enough to do that and it is, arguably, a mistake in the debate format. The unforgivable debating mistake is to try to convince yourself and everyone else that the punch did not land by continuing to parry it over and over again. Your supporters will take your first explanation and everyone else will see that you are hurt and flailing take the advice of the lunatic fringe group that you said the stupid thing for in the first place and Move On- it happened, get over it and keep punching.


Klinghoffer admits freely that she wrote nothing about the substance of Obama’s performance and neither will I- because there wasn’t any that you could depend on. He leaves us trying to read the vapors of his style.’


All in all I saw it as a very good night for McCain… but it probably won’t play that way.


On the economy and the economic crises in general I came across a very interesting perspective from a one time Washington insider (sort of). It makes a bit of sense to me. See, we’ve got people in Washington right now that are looking, not at how to “fix” the problems we’ve got, but how to turn those problems to their advantage. The democrats in the the House and Senate, both past and present, got us into this mess. Now they want to see how they can reward their friends (and other mess makers) with a bailout plan that will make them look good and push the blame off on the Bush administration. Trouble is, Bush has been the voice in the wilderness, crying out that something needed to be done, since the year 2001. Barney Frank, who’s leading the effort to get us out of all this, kept telling us that there was no problem… everything was just hunky dory. McCain, at least, did take notice and did what he could do against the mountain of legislators that saw this as some never ending gravytrain. Here’s a part of that article:


From the American Thinker:


We need to re-think the role of Congress, and fast.  Given the inherent complexity of our country, and the world’s political turbulence, we’ve got to start electing a different kind of person to the House and Senate.  Whether we prefer candidates who are Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives, independents, libertarians, or who subscribe to any other party or philosophy, we’ve got to be sure that these individuals have the competence to cope with the issues that confront us, and the willingness to concentrate their total attention on doing the job.  And if this leaves them with insufficient time for enriching themselves, or for raising a re-election war chest, or planning campaigns for higher office — so be it.  Candidates who don’t want the job under these conditions shouldn’t be running for them.  And those who already have these jobs and don’t like the new criteria should get out of the way — or he shoved out of the way by us — to make room for better men and women.  Our lives and our fortunes — literally, in both cases — depend on getting this right.


I used to be in the intelligence business, and when we sent our projections to the President we always told him whether we were “uncertain” or “reasonably certain” or “highly confident” that whatever we were projecting actually would happen.  For the first time in my life, I’m going to make a political projection in which I have total, 100-percent confidence:


If we keep putting clowns in the cockpit, at some time down the road — two years from now, or five years, or in a decade — there’s going to be a third “unimaginable” event.

Herbert E. Meyer, Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council-  Reagan Administration  

Government got us into this mess. Government is going to have to get us out. Sad but true.






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