We are America

11 09 2008

September 11. As December 7th is a day which shall live in infamy, so shall this day.

Father, we hold up those that were so terribly affected by those evil acts wrought on this day, seven years ago. We pray for the families and the friends and the loved ones left behind and we pray for rest for the souls taken that fateful day.

As always Father, we pray for the innocent and the weak and the weary and those of misfortune. We pray for the sick and the infirm. We ask pardon of our trespasses and humbly ask for wisdom and insight in our dealings with those around us. And so too do we pray for our enemies, that their eyes may be opened along with ours to seek, see, and do Your will.

Father hold us true to Your Word as we seek to right the wrongs presented to us by an evil and uncaring world. Keep our hearts pure and lend to us a guiding hand as we seek to do your will and perform good works for you.

Father guide, too, as we seek to establish new leadership and guidance through the coming months of campaign and election. Help us to see through the wrong and find the right, overcome the evil and the temptation to do that evil.

Father, we humbly ask that you guide our leaders as they perform the duties and the burdens that we place upon them, and protect them from harm as they seek to do our business here and around the world. Keep safe those that seek to keep us safe, and take to Your heart those that fall in service to their country and their fellow man.

Watch over Your shepherds as they in turn watch over Your flock, and give strength to those that go into dark and dangerous places to do your Will.

In Jesus, Your most holy Son’s name,


9-11-2001 Evil bared its fangs here in America. No, not for the first time, but in such a dramatic way that we could no longer ignore the evil that confronted us. And this time we stood up.

Thankfully, our leaders have done the hard work and made the decisions necessary to keep us safe from harm here in our homeland since that dark day. We may not all agree with those choices and decisions, but I thank God that they were willing to stand up and not just choose to ignore, but confront the evil forces that had rallied against us. They chose to make a stand and say “No more. Not again.” And so far they have lived up to those words.

The evil that showed its ugly head that day, by performing those horrific acts, weren’t directed only at us here in America. No, other acts of violence and hate were also done to others elsewhere around the globe time and time again. This fight truly is a world wide battle against the evil of terror and those that would use it to their own ends. Those acts of that day right here in America didn’t only take the lives of Americans, but many citizens of the world as well. We must always make our fight against this evil a fight against the evil that confronts the entire world. This is not our fight alone, but we should, can, and will lead it, because this country understands that the job of freedom is the job to make man free. ALL man. And we know that freedom isn’t cheap, and freedom isn’t easy.

America has always risen to the challenge. Here too we shall. Even though it’s been seven years and memories are short with some, I have faith that there is no more caring, no more enthusiastic, no more robust, no more ingenuitive, and no more charitable people in the world than Americans. We have always seen to it that a hand was given to the weak and stood firm when innocence was threatened. We’ve been at the forefront in the fight against oppression. We’ve taken on the challenge of rescuing the helpless. We stand up now against extremism and hate. So shall we stand up in the future.

We are America, and still to this day that means so very much.






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