Ordinary extrordinary

11 09 2008

In my humble opinion what this country needs is more Sarah Palin’s to step up to the plate and offer themselves for public service. For to long we’ve depended on ‘professional’ politicians and for a good part they have failed to do the will and the work of our people, looking out more for pet causes and such. In Palin you have a very real person that saw a need for change that wasn’t just so many words or some abstract difference is style, but real change in priority and substance. She offered herself to her town as mayor and did an exceedingly good job there. Good enough that people were compelled to send her to the Statehouse of Alaska, where again she has done a tremendous job.

We need her, and more like her, to do the same in Washington. This country is full of people like Sarah Palin, who could do so much better of a job at guiding this country. I hope her campaign will propel more everyday people to seek some office of service to our country. The country is full of people doing everyday jobs, running ordinary businesses, building, teaching, doing the work that actually makes this country the strongest and most extordinary place in the entire world; and these people, both men and women, are more than capable of running and guiding this great counrty, for its those very types of people that have made this country great in the first place.




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