Sarah Palin, Walking Tall!

4 09 2008

The media squeals like a stuck pig over the thought of Sarah Palin as McCain’s choice for Vice President. Seldom to never will you hear the term “too liberal” when it comes to politicians, but here, where a person with more mainstream values and traditional views has been chosen, loud cries that she’s “Too conservative” “Too Right-wing” or that she represents some kind of “Extreme” viewpoint rises from an increasingly openly liberally biased press.


What’s happened to the democrats? Once upon a time they would have championed a woman like Sarah Palin as she took on the non-traditional roll of Executive and Public Servant while also being a wife and mother. Here it’s almost denounced that she would even attempt such a thing. Could it be… hypocrisy?


After her speech at the convention the first reaction out of the democrats was to try and tie her to President Bush, somehow claiming her speech was just like Bush, saying the speech was “written by George Bush’s speechwriter and sounds exactly like the same divisive, partisan attacks we’ve heard from George Bush for the last eight years.” They want so bad to make Bush the candidate again.


Actually  some of the various first reactions by liberal leaning commentators (my opinion) and pundits was highly positive. Wolf Blitzer of CNN said she knocked it out of the park. Others, too, thought that she nailed it and did what she had to do to answer her critics. First glance was thumbs up all around. We’ll see how long that lasts.


Some of course did the best they could to not give too much credit. I didn’t get to see them all, just read some reports, but that doesn’t surprise me. Keith Olbermann I did see a wee bit of and he seemed a bit bland about it, but that may have just been my take. History tells me that they’ll soon be back on attack.


The first line of an AP report – “Sarah Palin delivered.” and continued on with [the] “Alaska governor rocked the GOP convention with a star-turning performance.” But, this was just day one.  And the attack went forward with a AP piece attacking her and the facts of the speech. Fact is, it (the AP article) had to force fit facts to make its case, even to the point of trying to make co-sponsoring legislation as somehow “authoring” it. The article by Jim Kuhnhenn could have come straight out of the democrats war room.


Newsweek has itself even pushed the limits of credibility in its condemnation of Fred Thomson and Joe Lieberman, ignoring the totality of Obama’s tax proposals and what constitutes “reaching across party lines”. Senators and Congressmen co-sponsor the others partys bills all the time, so in effect one could make the claim that they all work together when we know fully well that isn’t the case.  Most people don’t understand tax’s and what’s real and make-believe when it come to proposals. Misleading folks about taxes is a long tradition with the democrat’s, so nothing new there. But Newsweek should know better.


Sadly, with the democrats in control of congress, the chances of seeing ANY tax relief to anybody is virtually none, no matter who wins in November. Talk tax cuts to a democrat and their eyes roll back in their head and smoke starts coming out of their ears.


What I find sad is articles by such people as Roger Simon who wrote a foolish foolish article in POLITICO. He either doesn’t understand the fuss about the problems with the bad, no make that vulgar reporting in the press this past week, or he doesn’t care. My thought is that he’s blinded by the light of political bias that says a liberal press is all wise and knowing in their endeavors. Sad. But proof of point nonetheless. What’s good for the Goose should be good for the Gander, but he thinks not. Hypocrisy? Ya’think?


Hypocrisy is also the democrats criticizing McCain for being too old. Weren’t they just a short time ago claiming to be the champion of the elderly? They weren’t really, their policies badly effect the elderly, but they sure act the part. And hypocrisy is raising as a henderance the difficulties for McCain due to his injuries while claiming to be advocates for the disadvantaged. Hypocrisy is criticizing McCain for his youthful behavior years ago when his honor and service above and beyond is so well known. And Hypocrisy is claiming to be the party of inclusiveness, yet criticizing Sarah Palin for being a woman and a mother and daring to claim the ability to serve her country as well as her family.


Hypocrisy is also trying to compare thought and public opinion from eleven years ago to what’s happening today as CBS’s Jeff Greenfield tried to do in attempting to point out hypocrisy amongst the republicans. Times change, but for some that only applies when it’s convenient to there point of view. In this day and age, to the democrats I’d more have imagined that an unmarried 17 year old pregnant female would have been nothing to be made a stink over, but they want to raise it as an issue here. They want us to be shocked and disgusted, and are themselves shocked and disgusted that we’re not.


Hypocrisy is also bowing to Obama and his hands off request in regards to critical reports about his wife, yet here, however, the press is aghast that the suggestion is put forth that a seventeen year olds personal life is just that – personal. Today we saw a tongue in cheek “apology” to the republicans for daring to make that same argument.


Somehow they seem to have thought that the topic was the presenting of the candidates family to the public, and their appearance in commercials and such. That’s something that’s been done for, what, forever? That wasn’t what Obama’s complaint was about and that isn’t what this is about either. It’s about the derogatory remarks made against spouses and children. Ugly stuff. Uncalled for stuff.


With spouses it kind of goes with the territory and is nothing new. Sadly it’s gotten to be nothing new for the kids too. And yes the republicans had their hands in it also, going back to at least the Carter years. Obama gave everyone a long needed wakeup call in this matter. I hope it will be heeded. Probably won’t be, judging from a couple of articles that have appeared the last few days however.


Sarah Palin is new to the scene. She may not be as new to politics as many want you to believe, but Alaska is a long way from Washington DC. And due to it’s size and population comparing apples with apples may not be an accurate measure of her and her accomplishments. Rounding numbers to population is far from fair. One mile of road is one mile of road, but a million people paying for that mile of road is far different than having only a hundred thousand pick up the same tab.


To the liberal press Palin arrived on the establishments scene as almost a joke. That “joke” however may have well been on them after last night. Last night they were taken aback, shocked and surprised. She blew onto the stage like a breath of fresh air. Last night she won high praise from unexpected quarters. Today however, we’ll see the stink start to be raised again.


This morning, bright and early the flag was dropped and the cry went out “Gentlemen and women, sharpen your pencils!”  I’m, afraid the race in the press to take her down has begun.






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