The economy… been there, done that!

26 08 2008
Our economy is based on growth. Growth from investment and creation. It’s where “new” jobs come from. It’s that new business, or new factory down the street or road. It’s what all those kids coming out of school are counting on, the ongoing creation of a place for them. The money that comes from all that is called “Capital”. The growth of capital is the return on investment, and that’s where all the Newness in the creation of jobs occurs. Through ‘Capital Gains”. Obama want to raise the taxes on that return.

Obama wants a bigger cut of what is earned off the investment. He wants to take a big part of the money, money that expands our economy and creates new opportunity – new jobs for our kids, new industries, and the hope for better lives – and use it to give to the have-nots of the world. He wants to take what America generates through its hard work and ingenuity, and create more and bigger government programs. Democrats love programs!

George H. W. Bush made the mistake of raising the Capital Gains tax when he was President (remember the broken promise of “no new taxes!”). We saw the whole Savings & Loan industry crash when investors moved their money away from the projects that created those “Capital Gains”. Money is fluid, it can go and grow here, or it can flow away from here. It will go to wherever whoever has it can get the most return out of it.

In a time when we need to be expanding job growth and creating new opportunity through expanding our industries and new jobs, should we be taking away the incentive to invest in those projects? Taking it away to create more and bigger government, and giving it to the have-nots of the world?

That’s what makes Obama’s plan scary. He sees it as a measure to raise more money to create more Government and redistribute a good portion of the wealth that is the very vehicle that creates whatever wealth there is to tax in the first place. How do you carry on a larger expanded government and those programs once your source is gone.?

So many people listen to the words that flow out of the Obama camp, yet don’t hear a word that is being said. They heard someone say “Hope” and “Change” and think that’s what it all means… but the hope is for a change to socialism, changing the very face of America. They don’t hear that, though it spoken load and clear.

America and Capitalism have always gone hand in hand. Part of the backbone of our country is the ability of it’s people to create, the reap the benefits of that creation. A big part of that has been that people know best about what it takes to give the people what they want. Our industry have thrived on it’s ability to give people what they want at a price that they can afford. That’s a big part of the “American Way” that we’ve always heard about. And it’s been a fundamental part of why this country obtained the greatness that it has.

Programs, on the other hand, while in many cases worthy, are more or less a leach on all that. You take a cut and spread it around and do things that need to be done. Like tithing or charity you take a portion of your good fortune and give to those that fortune hasn’t smiled upon. But when it comes to a point that the “programs” are the driving force, it goes from a social instrument of ‘the people helping people’, to the socialist instrument of the government, taking from the people to help other people. There is a big difference between need and want. Government thrives on taking from one to give to another. The trouble is government can never see the whole picture. ALL needs are viewed as a potential program for bigger and bigger government. Wants can often become needs. Industry is seen as a source to fund expanding government programs.

What is there that government can do that business and industry and the ingenuity of Americans can’t do better? Name something that government control improved.

Government never sees the big picture. They see problems and potential solutions. But not being experts in any field they (our legislators) seldom see the consequences of their actions. Often those results are plain enough to see, but politics seems to block their vision.

A good example of that is with our current energy troubles. The public sees the hit it’s taking in the pocketbook. They see the costs add up, on there food, on what it takes just to get to work and back. They see what the potential cost might be to that job itself. And they see the potential for it to effect the security of our country. The politicians seem to see the potential that it might mess up a beach somewhere, or interfere with the travel plans of a polar bear.

They can’t seem to put into perspective the true costs of taxes or mandates or compliance with wants over needs. The economy verses the ecology. The consequences of not reconciling the two.

Prices? Money? That’s not an issue with many of our democrat friends. They only see money as either a contribution, or something to tax and take in order to implement policy and programs. One of the biggest “programs” and “policies” that the democrats are pushing right now is conservation and protecting the environment. Consequences of how that is accomplished be damned.

While the American public takes a hit in the pocketbook at the pump (and when those utility bills come due) the democrats can’t see it as anything but good for the environment, and continue their push to do even more. Right in the middle of all of the turmoil and hurt due to the high cost of energy, the democrats push policy and programs that would raise that cost even more. ‘Cap – and – Trade.” According to New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, the liberals in Congress were trying to pass a massive new energy tax, saying “After all, a cap-and-trade system would in effect be a tax on carbon, and really would raise energy prices.” They lecture us about the Kyoto agreement, and don’t bat an eye at the massive amount of money and huge number of jobs that it would cost.

Obama? Like most other democrats, higher energy prices are not a big concern to him. Asked if high energy costs were good for the United States, Barack Obama replied to CNBC’s John Harwood: “I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment.”






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26 08 2008
Stacey Derbinshire

I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

26 08 2008
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