Gone, but not (to be) forgotten.

4 08 2008
Arriva diarchy…
On August 1st, 2008 the democrat leadership of the U S House of Representatives showed America just exactly how much they really care about helping the little guy, the common man, the ordinary individual working class taxpaying citizen of the United States of America. In the middle of a crisis; a crisis that is extremely far reaching and touches almost the total population of not only America but across a goodly portion of the world, they took a vacation. It should have come as no shock. They have been telling us for a good long while that they don’t intend to do anything at all about the current price of gas and oil. Nothing that is, except point fingers and make some threats. Put the blame off on the “other” guy.

But before the democrats went home they DID offer some legislation that would have effected the high cost of energy. They tried to pass a “Carbon Tax”. Luckily (thanks to republican efforts) it failed. It would have skyrocketed the cost of energy, making our energy cost us even more.

You know, the main thing the democrats have offered us during all this is pessimism. They seem to be able to make excuse after excuse as to why this won’t work, or that will have little or no effect. And that pessimism doesn’t just come from house democrats, their Senator’s ooze it too.

While on ‘Meet the Press’ Sen. Joe Biden (D.-Del.), in referring to the oil companies, said, “They have now leased 41 million acres of offshore leases. They’re only pumping in 10.2 million of those acres. . . And John says they need more? And it would take 10 years for it to come online.

About this Newt Gingrich writes in his blog, “There are a number of problems with these arguments. First, when federal waters or lands are leased to energy companies, the first step is to explore for oil – in other words, look for it. Most of the acres leased for oil end up being determined to not hold enough oil or gas to make it profitable for energy companies to actually extract it. So the vast majority of those 68 million acres are not being used for a simple reason: they’re currently unusable.”

One of the problems with Biden argument that Newt, and almost ALL others, seem to overlook is one of simple logic… and math. We don’t put oil rigs on each and every acre of land (or sea) and carpet whole areas with drilling rigs. It’s no longer like those photo’s out of the past with hundreds of individual derricks blanketing the landscape. ALSO, much of what is leased HAS been explored, with limited success. Not all of the land that the oil companies wish to lease is guaranteed to have oil underneath, anyway. But we should allow them the right and ability to search. It’s in our countries best interest to lessen our dependence on foreign oil.

…By the way, what’s 41 divided by 10.2? The answer: almost 1 out of every 4 acres IS being pumped.

Don’t misunderstand, I don’t think for one minute that the search should be careless or haphazard. But things are far different now than years ago when the pollution concerns were very very real. Is it better to guarantee a pristine beach, and a ruined economy with many people suffering and struggling to make ends meet… and even perhaps see our country and our constitution fall because we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable to foreign domination? And will those “dominators” respect those beaches or those wildlife areas that we seek to protect? What will the environmentalists have to say if and when it’s Venezuela, or perhaps maybe even China, drilling for Oil in ANWR.

And another thing… where did this idea that it would take “10 years” for any new oil to come “online”? I have friends that work in the oil industry (on the ground level) and rest assured, it doesn’t take any ten years to get a well drilled and oil flowing… My guess is that they are talking about doing environmental impact studies and such, which in some cases won’t have to be done, and in the cases where it does, Congress could act to speed that process up…, being it in the interest of our National Security after all. (But it seems they care little for that… our National Security that is.)

And as far as allowing exploration and drill effecting the price of oil, just the fact that President bush offered to take any executive prohibition off drilling in those areas caused a drop in the price of crude. The market is, after all, a “futures” market, and they don’t call it that for nothing. Imagine the effect actually opening those areas up would have!

 Wake up America! That is exactly opposite from what the democrats want. The democrats have been pushing to get the price of gasoline on par with what they pay in Europe for many years now. Even wanting to place taxes on it to reach that goal. If you think for one minute that they will do ANYTHING to help reduce the cost of gasoline you are sadly mistaken. This fits right in to their agenda. They don’t care how many jobs are lost or how many of our industries are in trouble because of it.

Bush warned us in early 2001 that this was coming and offered the solutions necessary, but we wouldn’t listen. And now they have us so conditioned to blaming everything on him that’s where we automatically point the finger. Meanwhile they sit back and laugh… at us. Because they know they have created a situation where we look toward the government for help and that creates further dependence on the government. That’s called socialism… and that’s their goal.





One response

4 08 2008
Dawn B

Obama’s method is, and will be, to bowl people over with the force of his personality. That’s the message. The words he uses are window dressing. The smile, the confidence, the voice, the gestures … Look here, Barack … You’re not all that. I’m not sitting in a “black liberation theology” church listening to the likes of Wright or Pfleger saying “amen” based on their enthusiasm or the rhythm of their delivery. I’m a thinking person who’s going to vote based on what you say you’re going to do and what I think you’re going to do based on my reading of your record. You can leave the charm out of it, it doesn’t do anything for me, except make me very suspicious. No vote from me!

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