What time is it anyway…?

2 07 2008

Wake up America! The democrats have been pushing to get the price of gasoline on par with what they pay in Europe for many years now. Even wanting to place taxes on it to reach that goal. If you think for one minute that they will do ANYTHING to help reduce the cost of gasoline you are sadly mistaken. This fits right in to their agenda. They don’t care how many jobs are lost or how many of our industries are in trouble because of it.

Bush warned us in early 2001 that this was coming and offered the solutions necessary, but we wouldn’t listen. And now they have us so conditioned to blaming everything on him that’s where we automatically point the finger. Meanwhile they sit back and laugh… at us. Because they know they have created a situation where we look toward the government for help and that creates further dependence on the government. That’s called socialism… and that’s their goal.

But do we even care anymore? The truth is right in front of us, but so many look away or ignore it, for it doesn’t ‘fit’ with what they expect, or want to hear, or with some agenda or cause which they support. We put more “faith” in movements and causes than in facts and history. Supporting causes makes us feel good. We don’t even really have to do anything ourselves as long as we can offer words, or money… or votes.


Al Gore lives in a huge house that uses huge amounts of electricity. He travels in a private jet all over the country… all over the world. He pushes “Green”, yet he himself isn’t. Oh sure, he’s doing things to make himself “greener”, or at least he says he is. And I don’t doubt that he really wants to make a better world. The trouble is the cost of that better world. He doesn’t mind seeing people hurt and industries right here in America torn down and torn apart for a movement that, while many are willing to accept some fundamental validity to global change, demands total acceptance of their version of what is truth and what isn’t, and what is “real” science, and what “isn’t”.


I myself haven’t done a complete study of the Kyoto Treaty to see for myself if it would “do what they say it will do” or not. It may well have positive effects on the world as a whole. What I have seen of it, however, I can easily see the damage to our economy and productivity to American business and industry that it would do. And the “science” still treads on shaky ground. There are many valid reasons that we can assign to changes in the worlds climate besides greenhouse gases… deforestation of equatorial rainforests for one. And those reasons are some inconvenient truths that people like Gore don’t want to look at.


Al Gore most probably doesn’t care how much you and I have to pay for gas. I may be putting words in his mouth, but that sentiment would certainly fit in with his agenda. He’s been and advocate of raising taxes on fossil fuels for years, the idea being that driving up prices would bring a reduction of consumption. But that agenda shows little regard for people that have to work for a living and have no means of transportation other than the car they own. But he doesn’t care about that either. In fact, as I said before, the whole democratic party has wrapped itself around the thought that higher gasoline, diesel, and fuel oil costs are a good thing. It fits their agenda. They don’t want to fix this.


Meanwhile we sit back and twiddle our thumbs and look the other way at what is actually going on in Washington. The democrats point the finger at President Bush and we somehow automatically accept that he must somehow be to blame. We blame him for everything else don’t we? Sure we do. He’s an “Oil Man”, so we shouldn’t believe anything he says on that subject. He was President when those evil men attacked the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and tried to crash another into the Capitol or the Whitehouse or where ever it was they were planning to crash it into… so he was surly to be blamed for that. We blame him for not finding WMD’s in Iraq and call him a liar, even though those that walked the same halls before him said the exact same things. He caused Katrina and Rita and built those faulty levees… somehow. We’re conditioned to pointing the blame to him. And we’re apathetic to any other fault or view.


Now we face an election where many look to it as choosing the lesser of two evils. And we choose sides by feelings obtained through visions from rose colored glasses. Many could care less what either “stands” for. It’s what they represent to us that matters… even if it’s a false representation. One side “talks the talk… but doesn’t walk the walk.” His actions and history don’t match his words. The other wants to distance himself from perceptions of the past and hopes to be found to be “politically correct” and open to the future while standing on his past. Neither offers much more than just words. The world’s too complex for much else. And we couldn’t care less… we just want to be made to “feel” good. We don’t want to know how…, just don’t step on our toes doing so.


The only thing I can really judge them by in the ‘known quantity factor’. One, Obama, offers change, but won’t tell us much about what that change is…, but when you listen close what he does tell isn’t very pleasant to hear. Change could well be bigger than most expect… or desire. McCain, meanwhile, has a long record. And he’s proven time and time again that he’ll put his money where his mouth is. That isn’t always the politically expedient thing to do. But he has proven he can and will work with others, and outside the box, to accomplish things. Sometimes, too, those things might be something less than we desire. With him, however, we all know what we’re getting for our vote. But again, does it matter to anybody?


There is a song that has lyrics that go like this – “Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?” Well, with life there is a timeline, or stages of life. You’re born, you grow, you learn, you work, you live love and die… and so it goes for most everybody. With a country it’s much the same. There are stages in the life of a county. But there are differences between human life and a country or a society. You can change the course of events and reset the stages in the life of society and the purpose and values of a country. Think about each of the following –

The stages of life in a society

1. Bondage – From bondage Spiritual Faith and Truth is found and grows.

2. Spiritual Faith & Knowledge of Truth – From having faith God gives insights from which truth and knowledge derives. From this Courage springs forth.

3. Courage – From courage and faith brings strength to seek and obtain Freedom and Liberty.

4. Liberty – Liberty allows man to work for his own good, which allows man to obtain the abundance and bounty of creation.

5. Abundance – The liberty to create from which abundance comes also allows the ability to become complacent while enjoying the fruits of ones labors.

6. Complacency – Complacency breeds greediness, selfishness, and apathy. Apathy can manifest itself in laziness and leads to jealousy. It also causes forgetfulness of from where abundance is derived.

8. Apathy – Laziness and jealousy breeds a dependency on the work of others to satisfy selfish desires. Causes the loss of respect for others and for truths, large and small, both spiritual and human. Loss of faith. Beliefs become matters of convenience. The ends justify the means. The end result of all things becomes what one receives, not creates. The lack of the ability to create or do for ones own self, coupled with desire, results in dependency for survival.

9. Dependency – Dependency on others to provide gives way to bondage to others for that providence.

10.Bondage – Loss of Freedom and Liberty.

-Based on words attributed to Benjamin Disraeli, 19th century British Prime Minister

What time is it in the life cycle of our country? What can we do about it? Or, do we even care?






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