Nope, no apology necessary.

29 07 2008

The AP reported today ‘Iran’s president on Tuesday blamed the U.S. and other “big powers” for global ills such as nuclear proliferation and AIDS, and accused them of exploiting the U.N. for their own gain and the developing world’s loss.

But, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, time was on the poor countries’ side.

“The big powers are going down,” Ahmadinejad told foreign ministers of the Nonaligned Movement meeting in Tehran. “They have come to the end of their power, and the world is on the verge of entering a new, promising era.”

Ahmadinejad of Iran says that he expects the “Big” countries to fall. He’s talking about us, the west. He wants Obama to be elected because he thinks, no he KNOWS, that it will hasten that fall.


Ahmadinejad wants all countries equal, which is basically what Obama said that HE wants when elected President. To Share Americas wealth with the have-nots of the world.


America got what it has through hard work and ingenuity, AND through the freedom to pursue more and better things. That’s why people flock here from around the world – opportunity. Much of the rest of the world ended up as has-nots because of the policies of the people there. Now out of jealousy they want their “share”. And they expect us to “give” it to them. And there are people like Obama that are willing to do that. Sadly it’s referred to as socialist policy, or socialism now. Those words don’t have the sting that they once had… pre-Reagan. What that concept actually is IS Communism. But that word isn’t politically correct to advocate, so we call it socialism. Same thing.


What Iran’s Ahmadinejad wants however, isn’t really to lift the Persian, Arab, or Asian peoples up, it’s to bring the west down to their level. He thinks Obama will be a means to that end. He may be right.


Barack Obama has just finished off a trip overseas. In Berlin he made a speech. A speech that some say solidified his statue on foreign relations and affairs. But did it? Or did it tell us something else. It is very telling… about his views of the world, and about his views of America.


Let’s look at Barack’s speech- “At the height of the Cold War, my father decided, like so many others in the forgotten corners of the world, that his yearning — his dream — required the freedom and opportunity promised by the West. And so he wrote letter after letter to universities all across America until somebody, somewhere answered his prayer for a better life.
That is why I’m here. And you are here because you too know that yearning. This city, of all cities, knows the dream of freedom. And you know that the only reason we stand here tonight is because men and women from both of our nations came together to work, and struggle, and sacrifice for that better life.
    …WHAT!!!  It’s why you’re here? It’s why YOU are here!?! NO IT’S NOT! You are here because of one thing and one thing alone – AMERICA.


Obama went on to say this – “

People of the world — look at Berlin!”




Yes! Yes people, look at Berlin! What do you see? You see America at work. You see the lamp of freedom shinning out unto the world. You see what THIS COUNTRY can do. What you see is the fulfillment of a vision that many here in America said was wrong. A vision that many here in America said wasn’t possible. A vision that was said to be the pipedream of a fool. What you see is the fulfillment of a dream of a man that knew the possibilities of freedom and liberty and man’s desire to push off the yoke of socialism and open itself up the inherent possibilities that come with being allowed to reach for, and rise to, whatever height that ones own hard work could bring. You see the vision of Ronald Reagan. Reagan and the many others that believed in America, and what Americans could do… what any people can do when given liberty and freedom. You don’t see the world standing up as one, you see America standing up for the world!


All that aside, this is where Obama’s speech really turns baffling.

“…Will we extend our hand to the people in the forgotten corners of this world who yearn for lives marked by dignity and opportunity; by security and justice? Will we lift the child in Bangladesh from poverty, shelter the refugee in Chad, and banish the scourge of AIDS in our time?




But Barack, wasn’t it YOU that said we should have stayed out of Iraq? Iraq where Saddam Hussein tortured his own people. A Saddam Hussein the instead of food and medicine for his people provided himself and his kin palaces. An Iraq that heaped masses into graves and threatened its own neighbors with destruction. What about human rights that you speak about doesn’t apply to the citizens of Iraq? We deposed a tyrant. Why is it not right to assure that tyranny doesn’t re-arise there? Or, are your words just words. Words made to impress, but not guarantee anything at all?


Right now America shines out that light of freedom to Bangladesh, Shines that light out to Chad and Burma, and Zimbabwe, and Darfur, and countless other countries of the world. America does more, provides more, and gives more than any other country in the world. America is not the problem. America is the solution. And the greatest thing America gives is an example.


WE created what we are. Germany didn’t do it for us, France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy,… none of these gave America its great wealth. We earned it. And we’ve given a large large share of that wealth to the world already.


Barack, do you not think your opponent understands the needs of the world? After all, he has an adopted daughter from Bangladesh, certainly he understand the problems there. Bush increased money for AIDS many times more than ever before. When have we turned a blind eye to refugees? They have flocked to our own shore. Did we not offer whatever we could to Burma during their turmoil and strife? It was not us that denied that needed aid. What short of war needs to be done in Zimbabwe Barack? For war certainly must be out of the question one would surmise.


Immigrants? Do they not flock here from all over. We do have laws, do we not. Should we enforce those laws, or fling open our doors to the world? We are a nation of immigrants after all.


And, after all, we must be doing something right here in America. I don’t see many fleeing our shore. Sure, we have the spoiled few that threaten to leave if they don’t get their way. And a few criminals flee to avoid punishment. I remember some running to Canada to avoid the draft. But to us they come from around the world. And the reason they come is because of what we offer here. But you should remember, we don’t prevent anyone from offering liberty and freedom to their own people.


As we speak, cars in Boston and factories in Beijing are melting the ice caps in the Arctic, shrinking coastlines in the Atlantic, and bringing drought to farms from Kansas to Kenya.”


These are problems that Barack Obama thinks that the government can cure. That through taxes and regulations, and blocking and dismantling, we can cure these problems. The huge cost to business and industry, and the huge cost in jobs to the American people, and the grave cost to America’s future mean little to Obama. Obama has no faith in the American people to solve these problems. Even thought it’s been the ingenuity of Americans that has given so much to the world and developed most all of what has cured the “ills” of the past, he believes that it will take government to step in and get the job done. But ask yourself, what has government ever done that private enterprise hasn’t done better? The very best example I can come up with, besides the Armed Forces, is the US Post Office. Even so, FedEx, UPS, and the others, are depended on very much are they not? Yet he supports even turning over your health to a bureaucracy. And your tax dollars to the UN.


Obama, speak for yourself, but for me, well, no apology is necessary.



Hmmm…, Ten years you say?

23 07 2008

A few months ago, when Oil prices started the relentless climb to unheard of (for us) heights, one thing being said by those opposed to opening up sources that we’ve kept closed for the last many years, was that it would take “10 years” or more to get that oil to the market. Well, this particular blog isn’t about that so much (that being opening up those new sources) as it is about the research I did while looking into it. See I really do research most all of what I write about.


Now mind you, I normally don’t “cut and paste” too much…, okay, some I’ll admit to, but most of what I write is the sum of the total. In researching this matter I came across an interesting article from back in 2006, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal. It’s by Mike Spector, who seems to me to be involved with reporting on Oil and Natural Gas Production issues and such.


Now, keep in mind that when Mr. Spector wrote the article, opening these banned areas wasn’t at issue. His article, however, gives some real good insights into the reality of that “10 year” talk that we keep hearing.


I haven’t included his whole article here for the sake of space and what’s appropriate to the issue, and the comments in italics are mine. I found it a bit enlightening, so I present it to you here.



Oil rigs stage exodus from Gulf of Mexico

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

By Mike Spector, The Wall Street Journal

The biggest long-term threat to oil and natural-gas production in the Gulf of Mexico isn’t hurricanes. It is the dwindling supply of drilling equipment. [The reason for this lack of equipment? Less productive areas to drill.]

Jack-up and deep-water rigs, the massive platforms and ships that drill for oil and gas in the ocean, are leaving the Gulf of Mexico for more lucrative jobs elsewhere. This is expected to accelerate production declines in the Gulf, putting upward pressure on domestic energy prices. The rig exodus is squeezing what was an already tight market for drilling equipment. In 2001, about 148 rigs were in the Gulf. Now, about 90 remain, and more are expected to leave soon. . [current rig count is 103 in use out of a total of 122 available, which leaves 19 by my count that could be utilized almost immediately]

The rig migration will have the most pronounced effect on natural-gas production and prices because most of the rigs leaving the Gulf are jack-ups used to find gas in shallower waters. [A main reason we should open up new areas for drilling is]Gulf gas reservoirs are often quickly exhausted, so energy companies must keep punching new wells to maintain production. It “certainly puts an upward bias to natural-gas prices in the long-term,” says Jeff Tillery, an analyst with Pickering Energy Partners.

Gas [natural] is largely a local market, so upward pressure on prices can’t easily be offset by increasing imports from overseas. By contrast, oil is a global commodity, and the impact of the Gulf’s shrinking rig fleet on oil pricing will be smaller, but not negligible. Hurricane-related disruptions of the crude-oil flow from the Gulf sent world-wide prices jumping roughly $10 a barrel…

Why has the rig count dropped so sharply? The duo of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 destroyed five rigs. But the bigger factor is that drilling companies are signing long-term deals to send rigs overseas.

Houston’s … …, for example, agreed late last month to send four jack-ups — rigs that stand on stilts and are used in shallow waters — to the Persian Gulf, where Aramco, the Saudi national oil company, will pay more than $160,000 a day to drill for oil and gas for four years. Ensco International Inc. will send a jack-up to Tunisia next year, where it will fetch day rates of more than $200,000 for as much as two years of work. Contracts for the larger deep-water rigs are fetching day rates exceeding…

Fewer available rigs mean fewer new wells to stem the annual declining production in the Gulf of Mexico, a region that produces about one-quarter of U.S. oil and gas. [Another good reason to expand the area available for exploration and drilling is]Federal offshore oil production, predominantly in the Gulf, decreased 19 percent between 2003 and 2005, to 458 million barrels a year, according to the EIA. Offshore natural-gas production fell to four trillion cubic feet a year in 2004 from 5.1 trillion cubic feet a year in 2001, according to the latest data.

…with the emergence of several offshore zones, the Gulf is being eclipsed by hotter prospects off the coasts of Africa, the Middle East and China. By contrast, many of the Gulf of Mexico’s richest targets have already been drilled, leaving only expensive deep-water and ultradeep reservoirs untapped. [Yet another reason to open up areas no off limits to drilling]

The demand has sparked a dramatic increase in offshore rig-building. Companies world-wide are currently building 91 major offshore rigs, up from fewer than 10 in 2003, according to ODS-Petrodata, an offshore-oil-and-gas market-analysis firm. But this wave of new rigs isn’t expected to start plying the seas until 2009. And it isn’t uncommon for this type of construction to run into delays. [Note that this expected coming online of this new “wave” of rigs would be available to be put to almost immediate use, if not within the next few years, on any new off shore areas opened up, not in some ten years as many suggest]

To compete with international markets, Gulf of Mexico producers will have to pay higher rates to lease rigs. In February [2006], BP PLC agreed to pay Transocean Inc. $520,000 a day to keep a massive drill ship in the Gulf; the three-year contract starts at the end of 2007. BP leased the same ship in 2004 for $184,500 a day. The ship is nearly as long as three football fields and can drill in waters that are 10,000 feet deep.

“Just about any way you cut the cards, the Gulf of Mexico looks like it will be struggling in (rig) population, and that is likely to force day rates even higher,”[However, opening up new areas for drilling will allow for Gulf producers and the rig owners and operators to better compete on the world market, helping with our domestic production and supply. WE’LL have far less need to ship OUR production resources overseas to help produce Oil. Oil that  we have to import for now.] -end of article.

I’ll go into the who, what, when, where’s and whys of our need to open up these areas in another blog. I just thought this was interesting and informative. And I think that it give us even more of a reason to go after this oil than just domestic supply. Like I said, more on that later.

– Al


Minimum Wage Chicken Little?

16 07 2008

I don’t think so…

I’ve been writing, for the last several years at least, warning of a coming problem that started to finally manifest itself a few months ago. Yet, the root of the problem is STILL being ignored. And what makes this even more scary is that round number two is right around the corner. What I’m talking about is the minimum wage increase.

Increases in wages can and should be a good thing… when they naturally occur. The main problem is that some employers kind of ride the wage far too long for many employees. The Feds increases the minimum wage to correct that situation. BUT, the forced rise comes with some negative consequences. It slows (or stops) job growth and creates inflationary pressure on the economy. THAT is the reason that the economy has slowed …, at least that is the starting point of the current situation.

Now we find that the economy is being hit from multiple directions, mainly because of the energy issue (which itself was kicked off by a federal mandate to use ethanol to conserve petroleum, which in turn set off a rise in feed and food prices with resulting shortages).

Like I said, round two is right around the corner, but nobody is talking. We’ve not heard a word about the coming raise in the minimum wage. A raise of 70 cents per hour coming next week. As it historically does, a wage increase negatively effects the economy, so look out for this one. We are already in a precarious economic situation due to energy and food costs, which themselves are starting to cause real weakness in the job market (Note some of the large layoffs occurring right now). Look for this rise in wages to virtual stop any economic growth that is occurring and kill an especially week entry level job market.

 Yet, as large a problem as this is, NOBODY IS TALKING. And it appears that nobody is doing anything about it. Everybody seems more concerned with other issues, issues that pale in comparison to the nightmare on our doorstep. Not to mention the nightmare our elderly and those on pensions already face… as they don’t (and won’t) get any increase. Raises in the minimum wages equal cuts in income to them.

The total amount of the three step increase in the minimum wage – about 40%. The result – cost of living increase of about 40%. Do the math. The increase has to be paid for somehow… Guess how.


Tony Snow

13 07 2008

1955 -2008

There is not a lot that I can add to all the wonderful things that have been said regarding Tony. His passing is untimely to say the least. The world needs more Tony Snow’s, not less.

About his job as press secretary he is quoted as having said “I love these briefings.” I don’t know if you realise just what those words say. Or what they mean. Here was a man who knew and understood his job. He understood what it was he did, and just what it meant, and he had a great appreciation of the power and the substance and the history of it all. And he knew both sides of deal.

I was in the middle of nowhere when I heard the news of his passing. It shouldn’t have come as the suprize that it did… but it did. What he was going through wasn’t pleasent, and it showed. Like many, I’ve lost more than my share of friends to cancer, and even though I’d never met Tony Snow I did keep up a bit with his career. The last time I saw him on television, well…, I’ve seen that look before, …as horrible as it is to say. And not so very long ago I thought I was headed down that same pathway myself.

I knew that I wanted to write something here about him. He meant something to me. Something, well, not easily put down in words. It wasn’t so long ago that I lauded another journalist in this forum, and I don’t want to come across as if trying to somehow “top” that. But just the same, Tony Snow was special. He was a professional… the model professional. “I love these briefings.” speaks to that. He loved his job, and he loved the people around him. He loved the interaction and the give and take of that forum. And he appreciated his place in the scheme of things. And he did it all so very well. That is professionalism at its best. But, all of this has been said by so many others, all I can add is maybe a ditto.

One thing that needs to be said, and said over again however, is that not only did he love his job, but he loved his family. And from what I’ve read and heard he loved his family more than he loved the job. And in Washington… actually anywhere that there is a large amount of raw power on display, political, social, financial, …anywhere, people typically tend to gravitate to that power and put way more of themselves into getting close to that power or consolidating that power or keeping that power, than they do to what’s truly important. And there is nothing more important than family. Tony Snow knew that.  My heart goes out to his wife, son, and daughters which he leaves behind. To them he left a legacy that isn’t often matched in that world in which he lived. He had a job and he did it well, but he had a family, and that job he did well too. He had his priorities right.

President Bush said of Tony that he lent “A certain civility to this very contentious job.” That may well be an understatement. That he was an honorable man showed clearly. Tony Snow gave an example. Wherever he went, and whatever he did, Tony Snow was an example of how things should be. How things can be. He walked the walk.

What he told the graduates of The Catholic University of America in May of 2007 we all need to hear, and take to heart –

1. Think; use your brains. 
2. Take risks; don’t be content with what you know.
3. Commit to God.  Faith is as natural as the air we breathe. Religion is the introduction to the ultimate extreme sport. 
4. Get out and experience life.  Get your fingernails dirty… and laugh, a lot, at yourselves. ..the pain, the poignancy, the aches are essential; they bring us together. 
5.  Love.  It is everything…to love is to acknowledge that life is not about you…to submit willingly, heart and soul, to things that matter.  Think not only of what it means to love but what it means to be loved. I have a lot of experience with that. Since the news that I have cancer again, I have heard from thousands and thousands of people and I have been the subject of untold prayers. I’m telling you right now: You’re young, bullet-proof and invincible. Never underestimate the power of other people’s love and prayer. They have incredible power. It’s as if I’ve been carried on the shoulders of an entire army. And they had made me weightless.

The good, they do die young. 


“The measure of this man’s life can be found in his character, in his optimism, in his joy and humor, in his courage, in his passion for what was good and right, and in his love for God and family and neighbor and country. Tony Snow did not need a long life for us to measure. It was, rather, we who needed his life to be longer.” – the Very Rev. David M. O’Connell

Happy Birthday America!

4 07 2008

America. Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. A place that yearning masses long for and struggle to be. We are STILL the Light shinning forth out among the Nations of the World, offering hope, and establishing an ideal. We are that to which others turn in time of need.

It would do us well to remember a bit of our history. And on the 4th of July what better place to start that remembrance than with our “Declaration” to the world, The United State Declaration of Independence.

First, let’s step back a bit from there, after all there is always that ever-present question of ‘why?’. Certainly anyone that even remotely remembers a history lesson from school can remember the phrase “No taxation without Representation.” It’s one of those ‘building blocks’ of our nation. But it’s reason to be isn’t quite as well known. And as used to high taxes as we are today we may not even appreciate the importance of the idea.

Britain had gotten in dept. Britain wanted to do things that cost money. Britain thought that we here in “the Colonies” weren’t paying our fair share. Britain levied Taxes. We got mad.

At the time many here thought that our only ties with Britain should be through our allegiance to the King (Crown… let’s not be sexist here). Other than that, we should be considered separate entities, or States… 13 separate little countries if you will. Troubled brewed. They tried to make tea in the Boston Harbor… I won’t bore you with the details, but Britain got P.O.ed.

Needless to say it all became a big todo and in 1774 the British government passed what is referred to as the “Coercive Acts” a punishment for the brouhaha. We (the Colonies) got P.O.ed. Many saw it as a threat to our liberty… resulting in boycotts and petitions… none of which were successful. Britain held the power, we were just the people. (…anybody note any similarity at all with what’s happening with our government today?)

Anyway. A bunch of what we like to refer to as Patriots today (even though that does little to describe the huge jeopardy these people were placing themselves in at the time…) got together and after wrangling around a bit passed a Resolution of Independence on July 2nd, 1776. That resolution officially severed our ties with Britain. (Note here that the New York delegation didn’t vote on the resolution… they weren’t authorized to authorize yet… politics, you understand) John Adams declared the July 2nd would become a great holiday!

After resolving our independence those men turned to the problem of how to declare such to the world. On July 4th, 1776 a document was approved. The United State Declaration Of Independence.

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” And so it began.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Important words from an important document from our great countries history for sure. But in the body of the text… the ‘meat’ of the matter… we find the words that we should more take to heart from the document. It is what it is. And it is the basis for which we are what we are. And we should hold our government accountable to the words and ideals of the thoughts on the men and the reasons they took the dangerous steps they took to give us our beginning as the great nation that we are. And why we hold forth those “Unalienable Rights”.

 “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

The leaders of our country should remember these words, and weigh them with the actions of their governance. We ARE a great country. We have the greatest people. We are that shining light, and that beacon of hope. And that too should be remembered.

Our government is of the people and by the people… for the people. And it is up to the people, not the government, to guard our freedom. We can’t be lazy, and expect others (the press) to stand watch for us. We can’t be apathetic, expecting others (the legislature) to do our will while we ignore what happens. And ignorance of the realities around us can destroy the country that we think we have. We could suddenly look up one day and find those “unalienable rights” a thing of the past. Nothing is guaranteed. Not even the Constitution, if we aren’t vigilant in our own guard of it.  


What time is it anyway…?

2 07 2008

Wake up America! The democrats have been pushing to get the price of gasoline on par with what they pay in Europe for many years now. Even wanting to place taxes on it to reach that goal. If you think for one minute that they will do ANYTHING to help reduce the cost of gasoline you are sadly mistaken. This fits right in to their agenda. They don’t care how many jobs are lost or how many of our industries are in trouble because of it.

Bush warned us in early 2001 that this was coming and offered the solutions necessary, but we wouldn’t listen. And now they have us so conditioned to blaming everything on him that’s where we automatically point the finger. Meanwhile they sit back and laugh… at us. Because they know they have created a situation where we look toward the government for help and that creates further dependence on the government. That’s called socialism… and that’s their goal.

But do we even care anymore? The truth is right in front of us, but so many look away or ignore it, for it doesn’t ‘fit’ with what they expect, or want to hear, or with some agenda or cause which they support. We put more “faith” in movements and causes than in facts and history. Supporting causes makes us feel good. We don’t even really have to do anything ourselves as long as we can offer words, or money… or votes.


Al Gore lives in a huge house that uses huge amounts of electricity. He travels in a private jet all over the country… all over the world. He pushes “Green”, yet he himself isn’t. Oh sure, he’s doing things to make himself “greener”, or at least he says he is. And I don’t doubt that he really wants to make a better world. The trouble is the cost of that better world. He doesn’t mind seeing people hurt and industries right here in America torn down and torn apart for a movement that, while many are willing to accept some fundamental validity to global change, demands total acceptance of their version of what is truth and what isn’t, and what is “real” science, and what “isn’t”.


I myself haven’t done a complete study of the Kyoto Treaty to see for myself if it would “do what they say it will do” or not. It may well have positive effects on the world as a whole. What I have seen of it, however, I can easily see the damage to our economy and productivity to American business and industry that it would do. And the “science” still treads on shaky ground. There are many valid reasons that we can assign to changes in the worlds climate besides greenhouse gases… deforestation of equatorial rainforests for one. And those reasons are some inconvenient truths that people like Gore don’t want to look at.


Al Gore most probably doesn’t care how much you and I have to pay for gas. I may be putting words in his mouth, but that sentiment would certainly fit in with his agenda. He’s been and advocate of raising taxes on fossil fuels for years, the idea being that driving up prices would bring a reduction of consumption. But that agenda shows little regard for people that have to work for a living and have no means of transportation other than the car they own. But he doesn’t care about that either. In fact, as I said before, the whole democratic party has wrapped itself around the thought that higher gasoline, diesel, and fuel oil costs are a good thing. It fits their agenda. They don’t want to fix this.


Meanwhile we sit back and twiddle our thumbs and look the other way at what is actually going on in Washington. The democrats point the finger at President Bush and we somehow automatically accept that he must somehow be to blame. We blame him for everything else don’t we? Sure we do. He’s an “Oil Man”, so we shouldn’t believe anything he says on that subject. He was President when those evil men attacked the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and tried to crash another into the Capitol or the Whitehouse or where ever it was they were planning to crash it into… so he was surly to be blamed for that. We blame him for not finding WMD’s in Iraq and call him a liar, even though those that walked the same halls before him said the exact same things. He caused Katrina and Rita and built those faulty levees… somehow. We’re conditioned to pointing the blame to him. And we’re apathetic to any other fault or view.


Now we face an election where many look to it as choosing the lesser of two evils. And we choose sides by feelings obtained through visions from rose colored glasses. Many could care less what either “stands” for. It’s what they represent to us that matters… even if it’s a false representation. One side “talks the talk… but doesn’t walk the walk.” His actions and history don’t match his words. The other wants to distance himself from perceptions of the past and hopes to be found to be “politically correct” and open to the future while standing on his past. Neither offers much more than just words. The world’s too complex for much else. And we couldn’t care less… we just want to be made to “feel” good. We don’t want to know how…, just don’t step on our toes doing so.


The only thing I can really judge them by in the ‘known quantity factor’. One, Obama, offers change, but won’t tell us much about what that change is…, but when you listen close what he does tell isn’t very pleasant to hear. Change could well be bigger than most expect… or desire. McCain, meanwhile, has a long record. And he’s proven time and time again that he’ll put his money where his mouth is. That isn’t always the politically expedient thing to do. But he has proven he can and will work with others, and outside the box, to accomplish things. Sometimes, too, those things might be something less than we desire. With him, however, we all know what we’re getting for our vote. But again, does it matter to anybody?


There is a song that has lyrics that go like this – “Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?” Well, with life there is a timeline, or stages of life. You’re born, you grow, you learn, you work, you live love and die… and so it goes for most everybody. With a country it’s much the same. There are stages in the life of a county. But there are differences between human life and a country or a society. You can change the course of events and reset the stages in the life of society and the purpose and values of a country. Think about each of the following –

The stages of life in a society

1. Bondage – From bondage Spiritual Faith and Truth is found and grows.

2. Spiritual Faith & Knowledge of Truth – From having faith God gives insights from which truth and knowledge derives. From this Courage springs forth.

3. Courage – From courage and faith brings strength to seek and obtain Freedom and Liberty.

4. Liberty – Liberty allows man to work for his own good, which allows man to obtain the abundance and bounty of creation.

5. Abundance – The liberty to create from which abundance comes also allows the ability to become complacent while enjoying the fruits of ones labors.

6. Complacency – Complacency breeds greediness, selfishness, and apathy. Apathy can manifest itself in laziness and leads to jealousy. It also causes forgetfulness of from where abundance is derived.

8. Apathy – Laziness and jealousy breeds a dependency on the work of others to satisfy selfish desires. Causes the loss of respect for others and for truths, large and small, both spiritual and human. Loss of faith. Beliefs become matters of convenience. The ends justify the means. The end result of all things becomes what one receives, not creates. The lack of the ability to create or do for ones own self, coupled with desire, results in dependency for survival.

9. Dependency – Dependency on others to provide gives way to bondage to others for that providence.

10.Bondage – Loss of Freedom and Liberty.

-Based on words attributed to Benjamin Disraeli, 19th century British Prime Minister

What time is it in the life cycle of our country? What can we do about it? Or, do we even care?