Tim Russert…

13 06 2008

…some mighty big shoes to fill.

Tim Russert came across as a man’s man. Yet he had a certain gentleness about him that took away the gruffness off some of his more probing questions. He was wonderful at controlling the chaos of interviewing some very interesting and volatile people. And he ran ‘Meet the Press’ superbly.

He was far more fair than most when quizzing politicians, yet could probe deep and often cut to the heart of the matter at hand. Sad is the fact that fairness in journalism took a huge hit today with his death. Love him or hate him if you want, but he offered a fair shake to each side, and was often a top choice when one decided to open themselves up to be interviewed.

Tim was NBC’s best hire in many many years, and would have been an asset anywhere lucky enough to have him on their team. The testimonies by his colleagues and friends as news broke of his untimely death speak to his lofty position among the professionals of jouralism and the high esteem in which he was held by his peers. And this high regard extended well beyond those peers and out into a world which he explored to bring us such indepth insights and opinions about that world around us. The hole he leaves behind in the world of journalism is enormous and will be extremely hard to fill.

I respected him. I may not have always liked the questions he asked, but he did allow those questions to be answered. And more often than not, those questions were worth the asking after all. I’ll miss him.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and many friends.





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