Why we are the way we are, …mostly.

11 06 2008

MOST people are lead by those that they are attracted to. That’s why we often find high school age youths following the pattern and ideals of their parents, then, as they get a bit older they become influenced by the MTV crowd. As they move on in life and go to college they fall prey to the liberal ideas that often are promoted by secularist and anti-establishment teachers and the professors there. Moving out into the “real” world they often become more influenced by the fields and professions that they find themselves in.

 Many times it is station in life that becomes the influence, or as is often the case, the region. East and West Coasters are often liberal due to the influence of the secular lifestyle of many there (often brought about by the influence of personal ‘liberation’ due to money and vice). In the Midwest we find a mixed bag between city folk and the rural inhabitants, with the rural often more conservative, while the city dwellers more moderate to liberal. Rural areas of the South tend to be conservative also, but race plays a bigger picture there, as there is a more rural ethnic population which has come under the influence of the governments “Great Society” programs of the past, and in effect having their loyalty bought to a degree toward the liberal “socialist” side, or influence.

The cities of the South range from conservative through moderate and on to a more liberal leaning, but often the most liberal Southerner would be considered a moderate in the North, East, or over on the West Coast. Often we find ethnic groups everywhere have more liberal leanings due to the issue of acceptance and integration into society. However many times we find that the more “established” an ethnic group becomes (especially as they gain wealth) the more conservative they become. The same is true for the individual.

 Out west it mostly can very greatly, depending on the influences of the ethnicity of the area. The vast rural areas of the West – parts of Colorado, parts of Texas, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, the Dakotas, are probably the most self focused and self influenced of the country due to the self reliance of present and past. But for the majority of us, well a lot of times it’s who your friends are that matters most.





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