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9 06 2008

A while back, on another blog, a group of us were in a general discussion on the various happenings of the world when the topic turned for a bit to world terrorism and the war being fought against such. “Bush’s War” many called it. The following question was posed to me and I answered it straight away. But as sometimes happens on many message boards, forums, and such, one’s post will sometime disappear off into cyber space. It happened to me with my response to the question asked. But the question, to me at least, was legitimate, and an answer important, so I answered it later, again.

While cleaning up some ‘saved’ files on my old computer (which has died, come back to life, died again, and is currently on the endangered species list) I came across the post again. Being, I feel, important, AND with a bit of new information out on the subject, I want to post it here-

Al, how is a war with Iraq going to decrease terrorists? Could you give me a definition for terrorist? Many months ago a 10yo asked me what a terrorist was…I said somebody who hurts or kills other people. Seemed right at the time…but on this blog, people talk as if terrorists are only of Islamic faith. So…I guess I need help.


**** *. I tried to leave an answer for you this morning…where it went I haven’t a clue, but you do deserve an answer to the questions you pose.


The war in Iraq will help decrease terrorist by creating a stable country which will be an example of how democracy can benefit the people of the area (which for the most part haven’t a clue as to what democracy is, how it functions, and how the benefits that are derived from it will positively effect their lives and future).  Also, by creating another ally in the region, they will come to know and understand us better and not fall prey to what others want them to believe about us, our country and people, which in turn makes us safer here at home. Misguided is a mild description of what they have been taught as to what we as a people are all about. WE know that more often than not it is us (the US of A, that is the first to respond when disaster strikes around the world, without thought to who, where or why. And we are by far number 1 when it comes to charity and offering a helping hand to the poor and downtrodden… but to them, we are THE CAUSE of those disasters and the reason for that need for help… because there are those that have taught them that, and it’s all they have ever heard. By expanding presence and influence the real “us” is shown. (That’s a short answer, anyway…)


What is a terrorist? You’re partially right…A terrorist is a person or group with a political or religious (i.e. bombing abortion centers for example) agenda that uses terror against people and infrastructure to influence and create desired results.


Most people here think of the Islamic terrorist because of the impact of 9-11 on their lives. However terrorism isn’t limited to race, country, nor religion. Right here in America we’ve seen recent examples of Eco-terrorist burning houses and business…or vandalizing automobile dealerships… all in the name of the environment.


One of the miss-conceptions about terror is that when Bush announced this war on terror it was all about Islamic fundamentalism and such. That wasn’t the case. When President Bush called for a war on terror it was a war against ALL terrorist and the use of terror as a weapon. Far too many old people had died in markets and too many kids had been killed as they made there way to school. Too many buses blown up… Too many Northern Irelands and Somalia’s and Beirut’s and Embassies getting blown to bits… the list goes on and on… hundreds of innocent people die every year for causes you’ve never even heard of.


9-11 was just the breaking point…the not gonna take it anymore…last straw.

This fight won’t end after Iraq, nor Afghanistan… but, if we are to someday be free form the constant threat… it must continue.


We didn’t go into Iraq because of terrorist… but because of the threat that Iraq would provide a tool for those terrorist to use. We know they sought a chemical or biological weapon… they still do. And we suspected Iraq might just supply one of those weapons. But even though a horde of those weapons was not found, as we thought would be, we DID find that the capability to produce one was still intact… The scientist still in place, the raw ingredients still there. And, also, the desire to do us harm… all still very much intact.


If a ten year old asks you again, “What is a terrorist?” answer with this: They are bad people that are willing to do bad things to good people. Like bullies, they want their way, and they don’t care about you, your family, your desires, your dreams, or your future. And we must always be on guard against them. For if we give in to them, and allow them to have their way, we will lose everything.


Freedom isn’t free… the cost is high. It is cheaper however, than the alternative…



Well, that was the answer I gave. What’s new is that a recent study has shown acts of terror, not only in Iraq, but worldwide, are down. Not just down but WAY DOWN.


What does it mean that terrorism is down? It means that all those people that said that Bush’s ‘War on Terror’ had made the world less safe were wrong. The world IS safer. And it isn’t because of some natural event or reason, but because WE ARE WINNING the war. We’ve killed hundreds of terrorists. We’ve established democracies in places that haven’t had them before and people in those places are now learning what it means to them and the benefits that it brings to them. Many of those people are now seeing an alternative to the status quo. They are seeing now the benefits of democracy and the lack of any benefit to what terrorism brings into there lives, so they are now standing up to terrorist themselves. They are weary of those that claim to be acting in their behalf killing their own people. They are tired of THEIR schools being blown up. They are tired of THEIR markets being carbombed. They are tired of their mothers and fathers and children dying in their own streets, by the hands of those that claim to be doing it for them.


Bush told us back in 2001 that this war would last a long time. Generations perhaps. Winning would be a long time coming. And it’s far from over, make no mistake about that. But we are winning. That can be measured now. This war on terror, ‘Bush’s war’ they liked to call it, hasn’t made the world more dangerous as they liked to claim, but far far safer. We aren’t out of the woods yet, the fight goes on, and I’m sure there will be setbacks and such. But the progress we’ve made is huge. Someday, because we chose to make the stand, the world will be a far better place for it.


Of course Bush won’t get the credit. That just might lead to too many other ‘things’ said about Bush needing correcting too…






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