Sorry ‘bout that…

25 05 2008

Well, I need to apologize. To those that have been faithfully checking my blog for new stuff only to find nothing, I’m sorry. It’s not that I haven’t been trying…


Sometimes stuff happens. That may not be strong enough to describe my last few weeks, but it sorta fits. My computer quit. Like a dummy I got a used laptop which when I connected to the internet it decided to download all the porn in the universe (only a slight exaggeration). Like a dummy I spent a lot of money cleaning and sweeping and washing and trying several different programs before finally having success. I should have dumped the hard drive a installed a new one in the first place. It would have been cheaper. Work has been holy heck the last few weeks, plus I do some ’other’ work on the side from my regular job and it seems to snowball all of a sudden (a good thing). Then I have been traveling a bit. Not much, but enough…


Like I said, I’ve been trying. I’ve started three different articles, but only succeeded in finishing one. The other two, well, things changed. One I will get back to, revamp, and finish. The other seems to have swung the way I was complaining it wasn’t going. Fooled me!  On that subject, let me say it was about the children of the religious group out in Texas that the state had removed. I was making the point about how it seemed to be a “rush to judgment” and without merit. One persons movement is another’s “cult”.


Of course we need to protect innocent children from harm, but at the same time we should remember the ‘Golden Rule’. But I’ve dealt with enough people that want to lump ALL denominations, or even all religions, together as a “Cult”. And if it can happen to them, it can happen to you or me. I was pleasantly surprised that the courts used some common sense and good judgment in finding that the state was overly hasty in taking those kids from their homes and parents.


The other subject I am writing about I’ll hold a bit close to my vest for now and see how it plays out. And, let me say with the recent ruling on gay marriage in California you can be looking for something on THAT shortly.


Read on, There’s a brand new one following this…






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