Change? What change?

11 05 2008


     At the beginning of the last century, America began to take its place as the leader of the free world. Our entry into WW1 and the help we gave our European allies at that time established us as not only as dependable but a powerful force in the world politic. Even though we had reverted to an isolationist position our being drawn into WW2 firmly established the United States as the premiere and dominate nation in the free world. Korea pretty much established us as the worlds ‘policeman’. And even though we suffered setbacks with Vietnam, the Middle East and in parts of South America, WE eventually defeated communism in all but a very few places throughout the world. It was America and its leadership and power that caused the fall of the ‘evil empire’ and our support and call that brought down a wall that divided a people and nation.

     As a military power we have little if any opposition. While evil remains throughout the world, as it probably always will, America has taken the lead in the fight against it. And while other countries tend to roll over and make concessions to evil, in an effort to appease and coexist in comfort (an impossibility), America takes the heat and stands firm. The only position a true leader could take against the forces that seek to dominate the world is to be proactive and stand firm. And, though America isn’t a perfect country, we do strive to achieve that perfection, even as others concede to their own imperfections.

     But we have leaders right here in America that want us to back away from our position as a world leader. Wanting us to retreat back into an isolationist position such as we took prior to the last world war. Some of our current crop of politicians even fight as to show which one of them is more inclined than the other to not support our current fight to establish a peaceful democracy in the heart of a region of the world that badly needs that example. Some going so far as to promise a quick departure from the protection of that young democratic government we’ve spent precious American lives and treasure to establish, virtually guaranteeing its failure, and loss of our position as a keeper of our word on the world stage. They bicker over the degree of their past support, even when the danger seemed clear. Even in light of the fact that that danger, we now know, was real. Where will that degree of support be when more realize just how real that danger was? Will that “I told you so!” become a “I knew it all along!” then? It seems that leadership to them means to be able to quickly judge which way the political wind seems to blow.

     America remains the leader of the world. In its economy, its humanities, its charity, and in its morality. Whenever strife or disaster arises somewhere in the world, it’s America that the world looks to for help. Whether it be famine, natural disaster, or acts of terror,  it’s America to which the world turns. We give more in aid then most of the rest of the nations of the world combined. While Europe tries to expand it influence, with it’s ‘European Union’ and its past and current criticisms of our actions, it still fails to offer any alternative to our worldwide leadership. It fails to step up to the plate, if you will. Leaders there loved to complain about our actions, but offered only inaction in return. The United Nations still fails to be able to establish itself as a stable and respectable world leadership body, often trying to be an appeaser and not a peacemaker. Africa looks to us for help with its AIDS epidemic (the Bush administration increased AIDS funds by BILLIONS of dollars) and also help with its economy. Even with Hugo Chaves’ rabblerousing and hate speak from Venezuela, South America still looks north to America to help stabilize their economies and help with both the military and political fight against the drug scourge. To Asia we offer economic leadership and are helping establish it as an important world market, not only as a consumer, but as a producer. In many other parts of the world we are a vital protector. Our neighbors literally swarm across our borders. America, land of the free. The shining example of democracy. No doubt others are jealous of our country and its peoples! Most of the world focus is upon us. WE are imitated by almost the entire world.

     We now find that a lot of those foreign leaders only opposed our invasion of Iraq because they feared the exposure of various dealings that they had going under the table with Saddam Hussein. Some of them circumventing the U.N. Sanctions that sought to force Saddam’s hand. Some of them dealings in a corrupt “Food for Oil” program that was supposed to be for humanitarian purposes, but served only to line their pockets, and give Saddam money to build his palaces and grow his military power. After all, it was their very own intelligence services that supplied much of the information we had about Iraq, and who called the loudest for us to invade. Bill Clinton’s gutting of our own intelligence service put us in the position of having to depend on those foreign services to learn much of what we thought we knew.

     Funny thing politics. Germany, France, now Italy, all have voted those anti – American, anti – Bush, leaders out of office. Some of the new leaders elected there openly supported our invasion of Iraq and the removal of Saddam Hussein.  But here in America we now turn away from them. Some people want us to think that America’s position in the world stage has been hurt by Bush, but in actuality the opposite seems to have been the case.

     Politicians call for change here in America. They won’t say what that change might be, but they clamor for it. Was it that we haven’t been attacked here in America since 9-11 (even thought there have been numerous plots to do so)? Was it that we removed a tyrant in murderous dictator, and established a couple of democracies in a couple of places that badly need them? Maybe it’s the fight against terror in general that is the problem. Or is it that our stock market soared to record heights? That Bush had perhaps the best economy going, and employment was at record levels with number almost a full point over what is considered full employment, that needed changing? Was it that our country experienced record growth in GNP that they say was what it is that must be changed? Or is it those tax cuts that put money back into the pocket of the American people that they see as the problem? What is this ‘change’ that they want? Since the last election we’ve seen some of the changes that the democrats have brought us since taking charge of congress. Some mighty big change, …is that what they are talking about?

     With this upcoming election we need to be really careful, or we might just get what we ask for…, and change isn’t always for the best. 









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