WMD’s. Where did the story go?

22 04 2008

The UN Weapons Inspection Team found, verified, and oversaw the destruction of  large amounts of WMD’s in Iraq after the first Gulf war. However, a fair amount of  WMD’s that the inspectors knew to exist went unaccounted for. Iraq, a country known to keep meticulous records on any and everything, claimed that those weapons had been dismantled, but any record of there destruction had either been lost, or gone unrecorded. The inspectors had no way of verifying it, but, the Iraqi’s assured the world, those WMD’s no longer existed. We didn’t buy it. The UN didn’t buy it. Germany didn’t buy it. France, England, Russia, Poland, and any other country you’d care to mention didn’t buy it either. And with the cat and mouse game that Iraq kept playing with the inspectors, we were positive that these weapons were hidden away and that Iraq also, most probably, still had an active WMD program. The high probability that those weapons still existed was a large percentage of the reason that we went into Iraq.  The fact that the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, was threatening to give these types of weapons of mass destruction to terrorist groups was well known to our intelligence agencies. Hussein was known to be a outspoken and active  supporter of various terrorists groups, mainly in Israel. His supplying even one of these weapons to a terrorist group was too great a risk to chance. The UN Inspectors kept asking for more and more time to try to find those weapons, weapons they felt most assuredly still existed, but time ran out.


After our forces went into Iraq and failed to find those WMD’s, and finding only hints of any ongoing WMD program, our government began talking up other reasons we had to go after Saddam and his rouge regime. While in fact those reasons were many, the WMD aspect had been an ‘easy sell’. Although we found only a limited tie to the Al Qaida terrorist organization, just a couple of training facilities, Saddams ties to other terrorist groups was well founded. In fact it was discovered that it was actually Osama Bin Ladden that had rejected help from Iraq. Seems Bin Ladden didn’t care much for the Iraqi dictator either. But as far as WMD’s go, a bunch of people jumped on the “never existed, I told you so” bandwagon. The other reasons never mattered to them in the first place, THIS, was a political “got’cha” they couldn’t let pass. Sure, they supported it when it was popular to do so, and after all, it was for the good of the country. But that was back then, politics is now.


Now, however, its discovered we actually did find those WMD’s that the world was looking for. Over 500 of them! Recent, and ongoing finds of the very same WMD’s for which the inspection teams had searched, and what was a large basis for which we went into Iraq in the first place. The very one’s that the opposition claim now to have never existed. But, where did the story go?


I noticed on the news, after the story of their discovery broke, various officials voiced concern that some of these weapons had actually been found months ago but news of the finds had been withheld. Some, however, speculated that these weapons weren’t “current” weapons. Some even said that finding them wasn’t relevant. Some say they aren’t even the ones we were looking for. One outspoken member of that UN Inspection team which failed to find these weapons before we went into Iraq now says that these weapons are “old” and “degraded”, and finding them now is meaningless. Meaningless? But these ARE some of the very weapons that we were searching for all along. They were looking for past stocks of weapons that Iraq had been known to have possessed. Sure they are old, they date back prior to at least 1991; and we had been looking for them for almost ten years!  And now we discover that  we’ve actually found them, after we were told they didn’t exist at all! But again, where did the story go? It made the news, but what, for only a couple of days?


Is it possible that now its in nobody’s best interest to have this out there? Apparently a lot of people missed the story. It’s sure not something mentioned in the current election. And it’s still pretty much ignored on the blogs and message boards. The haters are still calling Bush a liar and same such BS. For sure the democrats have a lot riding on people not knowing that these weapons have been found. The republicans seem to want to avoid even the mention of them.  Has the administration spent so much time and effort promoting the other reasons for the war that they, too, don’t want to revisit this issue? Maybe they don’t want to play the “I told you so” game. Quite frankly, whatever this administration does will be spun by both sides. Maybe both sides just don’t want this out there for fear of it being used against them. Maybe “WMD’s” is now a pariah. Or perhaps the WMD issue is just “played”. Even the press doesn’t seem care about them anymore. Maybe too many analysis and editorials about them not being there have been written. Maybe too many apologies would have to be made. Too many high and mighty people would have to….?


We know that George Bush doesn’t play to polls, and its obvious that he really doesn’t care what the popular opinion of himself is. It would be so easy for him to throw this back into the face of those that have constantly harped about his taking us into Iraq. Rub the nose of those that have constantly called him liar, or worse. But he knows that history is on his side. History will record that they were there. He knows that the right thing for the country is more important than the right thing for the man.


Nothing changes the fact that those weapons have now been found. And President Bush was right all along. And President Clinton. And the UN, and Kerry and Gore and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Germany and France and England and Russia and Poland and Pelosie and Kennedy and Lott and Schumer and Powell and on and on. They were all right. They told us they didn’t exist, but those WMD’s were there all along. Bush didn’t lie after all.


What can’t be found is the story about it.






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