American kids …falling behind.

7 04 2008

A recent study showed American kids falling behind in the rankings of educational levels around the world. Finland was ranked highest. Here in Louisiana we find ourselves near the bottom of the barrel in our own country… and to top that, our region of the state is at the bottom of that barrel!


Finnish kids… are they just plain smarter …or better educated?


What happens when your educational emphasis is more on mathematics, science, and history, than on diversity, appeasement, and social engineering? Students actually learn. That’s becoming more obvious every day.


Yes, we’ve got problems here in Louisiana. Not just in Louisiana, but here in America. And the bigger problem is with what those problems may be bringing. We have a national disaster facing us… if it isn’t already here. If we are falling behind other countries in educating our youth, that leaves me wondering, just how are we going to remain a world leader… a world power… without being a world leader in educating our people? How are we going to remain an economic power? How can we hope to lead, if we can’t get there ourselves? Never mind the state, we’re working hard now to fix that, but it’s the “International Stage” that’s our greatest concern.


Our great problem is bringing an ethnic population that got left behind years ago up to speed. That has become a jousting match between a body that wants to guard their ethnicity and “equality” and those that want to truly integrate them into society. President Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” act, while having the noble intention of actually enhancing the educational opportunities of minorities and the poor, has been challenged and diluted to a huge extent by those that seek to hold tight to the status quo. Fearing loss of their prestige and power, some teachers unions have sought to protect the tenure and classroom control of under performing teachers, administrators, and curriculum. All the while politically motivated parties seek to dilute it, and then use it to divide us. Meanwhile, our students continue to fail, falling further and further behind, both in classroom and in life. All this while other students elsewhere excel.


As employers we continue to see job applicants with high school diplomas that can neither read nor write well enough to fill out their job applications… Is it any wonder we fall behind most of the rest of the world? We have immigrants coming here seeking the wonderful opportunities our county offers, and they are coming here better educated than our own citizens. Even the educational levels of some third world countries is good enough now for them to even begin taking some of the technical and skilled jobs away from us here in America. It’s not just the labor intensive jobs, like before. And we’ve only got ourselves to blame. This has been coming for years.


That may not be the whole story here, but it’s a large part of it. Drugs are another huge problem that’s affecting our kids’ educational level. And for sure, we have other problems as well, but until our priorities become focused on educating our children with actual knowledge, instead of pushing ideals, politics, power, and some fanciful wishes for a “changed” society, that’s the way it’s going to be.


– Al




One response

8 04 2008

This is true so true. I have a ten year old child in my second grade class from New Orleans that can’t read or do math. She has been to nine schools in the last 6 months. It breaks my heart to see her struggle through her work and not understand after I’ve explained it five or six times.

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